Air Medical Training

P1ARTraining (95)Priority 1 Air Rescue’s Air Medical Training Courses are custom tailored to our customers experience level,  mission parameters and working environment.

We offer a large selection of courses from entry level training for pilots and aircrew with no medical transport experience to advanced training for medical personnel that are transitioning from ground operations to air ambulance operations.  We also offer medical courses for pilots and aircrew that have years of experience that are looking for enhanced capabilities and program standardization.

Our specially designed medical courses are provided by our Priority 1 Air Rescue P1ARSART_TACInstructors who have real world experience within SAR Medevac Operations. Our customers benefit from our Instructors knowledge in  Helicopter Emergency Medical (HEMS) responses that have taken air ambulances to varied environments such as offshore platforms, vessels, high rises, sides of highways, and inland remote access locations.

Our basic training syllabus focuses on teaching both pilots and aircrew initial scene response and size up, landing zone management, marshalling, scene control, ICS and communication procedures with EMS, Fire, and Police ground units, patient packing and loading, and transport techniques all specific to air ambulance transport. We also incorporate the proper use and storage of medical equipment on the aircraft and administration programs.

P1ARTRaining (137)

Options for Advanced Training courses for Flight Paramedics and Nurses are available upon request, as well as modules tailored to teach ground based Paramedics and EMTs how to assist Flight Paramedics and Nurses during and air ambulance medical transport.

Our Training Department Team is multi-disciplined and can facilitate classes in English, French, Mandarin, German, Italian and Spanish.