Basic Helicopter Rescue Training

P1ARTraining (82)Priority 1 Air Rescue’s Basic Class D Helicopter Rescue Course syllabus is specifically suited for helicopter aircrew rescue specialists and pilots who wish to begin performing basic SAR helicopter hoist or short-haul rescue missions safely and effectively.

This course offers a wide range of topics covering all essential aspects and skills involved in helicopter emergency response in order to safely and successfully perform helicopter hoist or short-haul rescues in confined or remote access locations.

The Option 1 Basic Class D Helicopter Rescue Course syllabus may also specify or include any of the following rescue system options:

P1ARTraining (118)

  • Hoist Rescue – Goodrich Internal System
  • Hoist Rescue – Goodrich External System
  • Hoist Rescue – Breeze Eastern External System
  • Hoist System Maintenance
  • Rappelling and/or Short-Haul Rescue System

Our Training Department Team is multi-disciplined and can facilitate classes in English, French, Mandarin, German, Italian and Spanish.